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What to Do When LG Refrigerator Customer Care In Delhi Fails to offer Timely Help?

Though it might seem a bit impossible but there could be situations when people are not able to get the required help from the LG customer care for their refrigerator. We will be discussing some of these rather rare situations here and also suggesting the best possible means to deal with these. A refrigerator is an integral part of a home and if it stops functioning, especially during the summer months, there is a need to get it fixed quickly. LG refrigerator customer care in Delhi would be called to tell the problem and seek solution. But, what if it fails to help in following situations?

LG refrigerator customer care in DelhiSituation 1: Your area might be away from Delhi. LG refrigerator customer care in Delhi might be taking care of the enquiries from all parts of India and there could be some areas where its designated service centres are not present. This might warrant sending off the technician from the other nearby areas. Now, this could be a time consuming process and at times it might even take a few days when the right person arrives at your doorstep.

In this situation it is either better to wait for the person to arrive, or, if you need refrigerator badly, then it needs to be shown to the other technicians nearby which could be from some other company or operating privately like

Situation 2: You need it fixed immediately. There could be some situations when wait is not possible. You have to get it fixed in a few hours. There could be some special occasion in your home or the nature of business where fridge is being used is such that long wait is not desirable. In these situations, LG refrigerator customer care in Delhi might not be of much help. It does take them at least 24 hours to send someone to your place.

Situation 3: Local expertise is available immediately. If there is someone who is trustworthy and skilled in the task close-by, there is nothing like it. You might skip calling the customer service as because it is expensive to take their service or technician takes time to visit. You would prefer taking services of that local person instead.

Likewise, there could be other situations when customer care is not able to offer help as required by you. Thus, you must keep some alternatives in hand whenever such a situation arises.