Common problems for which LG Refrigerator Repair in Gurgaon is Sought

Refrigerators are present in every home. To keep things fresh for a longer time, these have to be kept in cold and refrigerators provide that artificial cooling environment which helps in maintaining longer shelf life of consumable items, especially during the summers. LG Electronics is a popular refrigerator brand in India which also provides a range of other appliances for daily use in homes. LG refrigerators are known for high performance, stylish designs, environment-friendliness and use of modern technology which saves more power. These adorn the kitchens of homes and offices of India, including the millennium city of Gurgaon. Despite being extremely consumer durable products, LG refrigerators do encounter certain common problems which happen due to continuous and long term usage. Consumers often need the LG refrigerator repair in Gurgaon for these common issues.

LG refrigerator customer care in DelhiBefore listing these common issues which might be found in these refrigerators, it is important to understand that these appliances are complex engineering devices which use electricity. There would be many small and large parts, sharp edges and presence of moisture. So, common people who do not have any knowledge of operation of these devices shall not experiment on their own if some issue arises. It is suggested to use services of LG refrigerator repair in Gurgaon like

When your refrigerator is not cooling or cooling less than what it shall be, it could be because of following issues:

  1. Door panels do not close
  2. Problem in compressor
  3. Requiring filling of air
  4. Fans are not operational
  5. You have set cooling at low level

First, check whether you or someone at your home or office has disturbed the setting of cooling in the fridge or not. It could be that someone has changed the setting without your knowledge. If yes, it can be corrected manually by anyone.

Second, it is important that doors of refrigerator close properly without letting the cooling air escape. Due to long term usage, these rubbers undergo wear and tear. At times, even the dirt and the stains are also responsible for these not closing properly. So, these shall be cleaned regularly. If you do not want to call technician for this issue, it is better to keep refrigerator locked under key.

Third, there could be issues with the compressor. This is checked by repair technicians. If this is what is causing the problem, you will have to either get it repaired or changed altogether. Compressor is the most important part of this appliance and therefore, its repair or replacement is going to be the costliest affair. There is no alternative to it.

Fourth, at times the compressor is fine otherwise but there could be some leaks in the system which causes the compressed cool air to leak out. LG refrigerator repair in Gurgaon can weld the leaking parts to resolve the issue. This can be done on-site or off-site.

Fifth, there can be no leaks and the compressor might also be working fine, but the fans inside might be jammed. This also does not lead to required levels of cooling.

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